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This library helps understand the Parent child hierarchy of a .Net 'Assembly' and .Net 'Type'
This library helps understand the Parent child hierarchy of a .Net 'Assembly' and .Net 'Type'. AnalyzeAssembly contain .Net 'Assembly' related features and AnalyzeType provide .Net 'Type' related features.
MIME type handling utility for C#. Allows user to lookup mime type by filename, get file extensions for mime types. Includes all 600+ types and 800+ extensions defined by the Apache project.
This package aim is that create standardization rules to functions return object. This structure has a few benefit like that I showed in below Help you to code standartizion and coverage of code's purpose. Type Safety and Error Preventing (like not found rec on Db exception) Encoruge To use... More information
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  • parser binary type
Simple parser for binary sequences supporting Type-Length-Value and similar formats.
A library to help create small application modules that are dependency and test friendly. It is the base for modules as micro-services. There are two concepts: The chains and the actions. The chains act like a state machine representation of the class, holding a context, which actions... More information
Model manipulation library. It provides utility functions for: (1) Converting objects of any type, dictionaries, data readers and anonymous to expando object; (2) Slicing objects by specifying either a list of properties to keep or to exclude; (3) Converting from any type to any type based on... More information