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  • last updated 6/27/2019
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  • mime mimetype
Simple dictionary provides a few methods to lookup mime type/extension, generated From Apache's mime.types.
A simple lookup from file name/extension to MIME/media type and vice versa, generated from mime-db, which in turn is compiled from IANA, Apache and nginx's MIME types.
MediaTypeFormatter allowing the use of YAML (YAML Ain't Markup Language) as a the MIME-Type or content-type in ASP.NET Web API. Both serialization and deserialization are supported allowing web services to both emit and accept YAML in place of XML or JSON. The underlying YAML parsing and rendering... More information
.NET MimeType Helper with realtime update from apache docs main git trunk namespace Purple.Sdk.MimeTyper.Tests { public class MimeTyperTests { [Fact] public async Task GetExtensionFromMimeType() { var downloader = new MimeTyper(); var ext =... More information
This library helps you decide the allowed files in your system by letting the file go through specific checks (filtering layers) before doing anything to the file. It supports four layers of checking including MimeTypes, and Content-Types. Usage: YOUR_IFormFile.IsFileAllowed(ARGS);
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  • last updated 10/13/2019
  • Latest version: 2.0.1
  • Mime MimeType .Net
A library for get mimeType file and check file type in special range.
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  • last updated 7/9/2020
  • Latest version: 1.0.0
  • MIME MimeType JSON
This lib provide inbuilt 900+ MIME Type, easy to get mime type based on FileName or Extension. Also load category wise Mime Type using .Json files.
A simple library to find mimetype of a file, stream or buffer array via magic numbers in the header content. It contains over 480 samples that as hardcoded in the library. Detect mimetype of an extension string or mimetype string like “rar”, “exe”,” image/gif” …. It is possible to add more mimetypes... More information