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MIME type handling utility for C#. Allows user to lookup mime type by filename, get file extensions for mime types. Includes all 600+ types and 800+ extensions defined by the Apache project.
JQuery File Upload Plugin from bluimp
JQuery File Upload Plugin from blueimp (https://github.com/blueimp/jQuery-File-Upload). All files are included. The package also includes theme based style and script bundles (bundles folder) Main purpose of this package is to use it with the server side file handler Backload. But it can also used... More information
A file system I/O library that overcomes limitations of .NET's System.IO libraries (such as long path names), aspires to be platform independent, and require less time to learn than System.IO.
一个快速创建、读取、编辑Xml文件的类XmlFile,像实体对象一样操作xml。A quickly Create/Read/Edit Xml file Class XmlFile. Operate Xml like entity object. 用法(how to use):https://github.com/631320085/SixAnts.XmlFile