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==CSharpTest.Net.Collections== * BPlusTree - a fairly full featured IDictionary backed by a B+Tree on disk. * BTreeDictionary - a fully in-memory IDictionary implemented by a B+Tree. * BTreeList - an in-memory IList using a B+Tree for storage and access. * LurchTable - Least Used Recently... More information
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Data structure library
Fast Collections
High-performance, memory-efficient collections for .NET. Right now, the package has a fast, compact B-tree based on Google's C++ B-tree library. Other collections are coming soon!
KaosCollections is a .NET library that provides generic collection classes for storing elements that are both sorted and indexed. Based on order statistic B+ trees, these classes emulate Microsoft's Base Class Library (BCL) counterparts (SortedDictionary and SortedSet) while delivering superior... More information