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此程序集是RRQM的核心开源库,其中包含了内存池、高性能序列化、日志接口在内的很多基本内容。 更新内容: 修复:ByteBlock.ReadFloat()返回值错误bug。 增加:ByteBlock.ToArray(int position,int length),可以直接导出实际真实内存。 特别说明:本程序集在源码里内嵌了Newtonsoft.Json 11.0.3,但为防止冲突,已修改其命名空间。 特此感谢其作者!!! 附带其Github:https://github.com/JamesNK/Newtonsoft.Json
.NET Libaray for Object pools. Object pools can improve application performance in situations where you require multiple instances of a class and the class is expensive to create or destroy. When a client program requests a new object, the object pool first attempts to provide one that has already... More information
Object Pool Library for reusing objects in .Net. Reuse of objects decreases load on Garbage Collector and increases performance of application. Library is based on Roslyn ObjectPool.