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  • Buffer
A simple API to connect to Buffer (http://bufferapp.com)
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  • buffer
Provides resource pooling of any type for performance-critical applications that allocate and deallocate objects frequently.
The CircularBuffer<T> class is a data structure that uses a single, fixed-size buffer that behaves as if it were connected end-to-end. You can use it as a first-in, first-out collection of objects with automatic overwrite support and no array resizing or allocations.
High performance classic ring/circular buffer (with optional .NET BCL System.IO.Stream interface) for byte data. Packaged as a portable class library (PCL). Asynchronous I/O from streams is supported to boost performance. Supports concurrent reading and writing, and overwriting (optional).
The SharedMemory class library provides a set of C# classes that utilise a memory-mapped file for fast low-level inter-process communication (IPC) - specifically for sharing data between processes. It features: * a lock-free FIFO circular buffer * a simple fixed-size generic shared memory array... More information