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Fully managed library providing various random number generators and distributions.

More precisely, this library offers four generators (ALF, MT19937, Standard, XorShift128), six discrete distributions (Bernoulli, Binomial, Categorical, DiscreteUniform, Geometric, Poisson) and twenty continuous distributions (like Normal, Exponential, ChiSquare, Beta, and so on); moreover, it offers a random class similar to the one Python offers (TRandom).

All the hard work behind this library was done by Stefan Troschütz, and for which I thank him very much. What I have done with his great project, was simply to refactor and improve his code, while offering the new random class similar to the one Python offers.

You can find the modified source code and the available documentation at the project URL.

NOTICE: If you need more performance, please have a look at the Troschuetz.Random.Unchecked package. It is a release where all integrity checks have been stripped away.

To install CodeProject.Troschuetz.Random, run the following command in the Package Manager Console

PM> Install-Package Troschuetz.Random

Release Notes

* Generators and distributions are now serializable.



Stefan Troschütz <stefan@troschuetz.de>


Copyright © 2006 Stefan Troschütz (stefan@troschuetz.de)



This package has no dependencies.

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CodeProject... 3.1.0 52 Saturday, September 06 2014
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Troschuetz.Random 2.1.1 175 Sunday, May 25 2014
Troschuetz.Random 2.0.0 285 Saturday, January 18 2014
Troschuetz.Random 1.7.0 95 Wednesday, November 20 2013
Troschuetz.Random 1.5.1 139 Monday, July 08 2013
Troschuetz.Random 120 Sunday, April 07 2013
Troschuetz.Random 1.5.0 71 Saturday, April 06 2013
Troschuetz.Random 1.4.3 148 Friday, November 23 2012
Troschuetz.Random 113 Wednesday, November 07 2012
Troschuetz.Random 79 Sunday, November 04 2012