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DynMock is a mocking framework supports dynamic classes. Also, DynMock's current comparative tests shows that it can run mock significantly faster than FakeItEasy, Moq, and NSubstitute. Note that the current DynMock comparative tests for Moq and NSubstitute are not covering most of their... More information
Auto-mocked Unit Testing with Local Functions 🐯 Use the traditional Unit Testing Frameworks to write TDD or BDD tests: ✔️ Arrange / Act / Assert ✔️ Given / When / Then ✔️ Context / Specification Use NSubstitute to: ✔️ Mock / Fake / Stub
TestStack.Dossier provides you with the code infrastructure to easily and quickly generate test fixture data for your automated tests in a terse, readable and maintainable way using the Test Data Builder, anonymous value and equivalence class patterns. Formerly called NTestDataBuilder.