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Batching version of Serilog.Sinks.Graylog Sink. The Serilog Graylog Sink project is a sink (basically a writer) for the Serilog logging framework. Structured log events are written to sinks and each sink is responsible for writing it to its own backend, database, store etc. This sink delivers the... More information
This is a fork of serilog-sinks-graylog that aims to provide a stable release schedule and enteprise grade performance, as well as a semver based versioning strategy.
Sink extension to the Enterprise Library Semantic Logging Application Block. Adding support for the log data management tool Loggly, www.loggly.com.
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A serilog sink for discord. Server/Channel id or names will work but you need register your app with discord. I am not and have never been assoicated with discord. This is a fan project.
The Semantic Logging Application Block provides a set of destinations to persist events published by a subclass of EventSource, This add-on packages adds support to persisting log entries into rolling text files and simple text files. This library contains a class library that targets .Net Core 2.0... More information