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Emgu CV is a cross platform .Net wrapper to the OpenCV image processing library. Allowing OpenCV functions to be called from .NET compatible languages such as C#, VB, VC++, IronPython etc.
Syn.Bot by: Syn
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  • last updated 1/20/2018
  • Latest version: 2.9.0
Robust Standalone Bot development framework with support for 2 unique architectures. The framework contains OSCOVA and an official SIML interpreter. This is a portable framework and can target multiple platforms. Using the library developers can easily create intelligent Bots or integrate Artificial... More information
`NuPIC Core` contains core algorithms for NuPIC (the Numenta Platform for Intelligent Computing), implemented in C++. The source of this project is available at https://github.com/numenta/nupic For more information, see http://numenta.org or the https://github.com/numenta/nupic/wiki For... More information
Encog Machine Learning Frameworks
Encog is an advanced machine learning framework that supports a variety of advanced algorithms, as well as support classes to normalize and process data. Machine learning algorithms such as Support Vector Machines, Artificial Neural Networks, Genetic Programming, Bayesian Networks, Hidden Markov... More information
SLAB Integration with Application Insights
This packages is intended for users of Semantic Login that want to seamlessly convert logs captured by SL and send them to Application Insights service on Azure
Code of Tanks API and Samples
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  • last updated 12/7/2015
  • Latest version: 0.5.2
  • CoT AI Tanks
This package includes the .NET assemblies with the API for programming tanks in Code of Tanks, along with source code for some sample tanks. Visit the website to learn more and get the game: http://codeoftanks.com
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  • Baidu AI SDK AIP
Official release of Baidu AI(http://ai.baidu.com) SDK, including Speech, Face, NLP, OCR, ImageClassify etc.
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  • last updated 8/21/2017
  • Latest version: 1.0.50
  • Darl AI
Support library for API Apps and other front ends accessing the DARL SaaS service.