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数据访问相关类、接口、枚举、异常、扩展方法 1. netcore升级到2.2 2、1.0.1发布到nuget错误,进行修正 3、ResponseField 添加 Sort 、PageSize、Cache 4、稳定版 5、添加生产环境是否运允许访问 5、新增EnvUtil 6、更新Uitil工具版本 7、ResponseField 添加字段信息 ReadOnly Invisible 8、Geography信息补充 9、Geography调整为实体 10、添加 SqlRange 13、ResponseField.cs 添加... More information
A c# implementation of the Do-It platform REST API. This API powers the main DO-IT website and the rest client allows you to bring the Do-It functionality into your own platform. This effort was produced by the internal team at Marie Curie as part of their back-office integration with Do-It. Talk to... More information
LJH.DO by: cbg
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  • DO DbContext
数据访问组件,有用到批量插入、插入后返回值的功能需要安装具体数据库类型的包,如LJH.DO.SqlServer 1. netcore升级到2.2 2、稳定版 3、新增开发环境错误信息里面带有SQL语句 13、调整过滤方法,去除 and 13、_ 替换为 Ex