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DataSet converters for Json.NET that provide full serialization for DataSets and DataTables. They preserve all the state like the serialization built in the standard .NET serializers. This enables the use of JSON serialization for all scenarios where DataSets or DataTables are used.
Exporta un archivo de excel apartir de un dataset, la salida puede ser un archivo o un Stream. Export an excel file from a dataset, the output can be a file or a Stream.
Extended and typed DataTables, DataTable to Excel reporting, various graph structures, translation tables, trend estimation structures, path DOM, reporting extensions, TF-IDF corpus and document data structures, data structures for reporting and other stuff in context of imbSCI framework
imbSCI libraries will help you with in-code data annotation for easier reporting, some interesting data structures (like directed and free graphs, multidimensional collections…), serialization and data manipulation, script driven reporting, single-model for multiple-outputs, static web site... More information
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  • last updated 4/18/2018
  • Latest version: 0.1.0-beta20180417.7
  • json dataset xml legacy
Converts DataSets to JSON using Json.NET
Provides methods to query an Excel spreadsheet as well as update the spreadsheet cells.