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Microsoft BinSkim Binary Analysis Security Tool
A correctness and security checker for Windows portable executables and Linux ELF binaries. BinSkim scans binaries to ensure they have been compiled in a secure way, e.g., by opting into data execution prevention, address layout randomization and other features.
The Team Foundation Server / Azure DevOps support for the Cake.Issues addin for Cake allows you to write found issues as comments Team Foundation Server or Azure DevOps pull requests. This addin provides the aliases for writing to Team Foundation Server or Azure DevOps pull requests. It also... More information
DevOps scripts for CI and CD ## Main features - Based on CakeBuild - Supported OS: Windows, Linux - Supported CI: Travis, AppVeyor, Jenkins, any other - C# project generation or initialization with CI and CD included - Only two files: build.ps1 and build.sh. All other files can be generated - No... More information
Powershell and MSBuild tasks for standard devops tasks in C#. The tasks are simplified versions of Powershell and MSBuild script for ease use and understanding for newcommers to Powershell and MSBuild. Includes build and deploy examples.
RevDeBug BuildTools
RevDeBug is a reverse debugging solution which allows you to fix bugs on production in a quick and predictable manner. It records everything what happened to your program, exactly where it crashed - on production. This RevDeBug Nuget Build Tool attaches RevDeBug compiler to your projects build... More information
Rido Controls
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Utilities for UWP apps versioning