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Naos.Reactor is a set of protocols for job scheduling. Jobs can depend on new events in a stream or completion of other jobs to trigger a run. Sagas may also be registered with a set of jobs that are related and the job set can be depended on as well.
With the .NET library "License.dll" you are able to determine the current license status of your locked software at runtime. You only need to reference this library in your project and access the corresponding methods and properties. All methods and properties should be self explanatory. You don't... More information
LicenseGen.dll contains the class "LicenseGenerator". It enables you to create license files on the fly without using the .NET Reactor GUI (License Manager). It is not intended to use this library on end user systems. It is mainly used on license servers.
SOFIRE II solves a set of equations describing the heat and mass transfer by the finite difference method to simulate a sodium pool fire in a single containment volume or in an interconnected double cell to predict the consequences of sodium pool fires within a facility.
If you want to protect self-contained trimmed .NET 5.0/6.0 applications with .NET Reactor you need to add this package to your project. This package ensures your published application contains all the classes and methods required by .NET Reactor. There is no need to call special methods. Just add... More information