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Genetic Algorithm Framework
A simple to use Genetic Algorithm Framework for .Net. See the project page for details on how to use this package.
LibOptimization is numerical optimization algorithm library. This library will probably simplify the optimization using C# and VB.Net and other .NET Framework language. Implementing optimization algorithm are Steepest Descent Method, Newton Method, Nelder Mead Method (Original ver, Wikipedia ver)... More information
LinqAn (LINQ ANalytics, pronounced "Lincoln") is a .NET companion library for analytics platforms, allowing for LINQ-based queries. LinqAn.Google is the Google version, which uses Google Analytics Core Reporting API v3.
Google Analytics for Windows Phone 7 and 8
Get Google Analytics to work with your Windows Phone application. The package is based on the original Microsoft Silverlight Analytics Framework but focusses on getting Google Analytics to work with Windows Phone.