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LiveData is a data holder class that can be observed. Used to create observable properties in C#. It's strongly based on Android's LiveData component: https://developer.android.com/reference/android/arch/lifecycle/LiveData. But is not lifecycle-aware (since it is not Android).
biz.dfch.CS.Entity.LifeCycleManager ============================== Allows managing the lifecycle of entities. Supports pre- and post-callouts/hooks. Internally the LifeCycleManager uses the [biz.dfch.CS.StateMachine](https://github.com/dfensgmbh/biz.dfch.CS.StateMachine). ## License... More information
This library provides interfaces and examples to assist the programmer in building pages, views and view models that respond to changes in object lifecycle. It integrates perfectly with the Smart DI Container, though does not depend on that library.