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A fully managed HttpListener implementation extracted from Mono. It's not as complete as the .net implementation of System.Net.HttpListener, but it doesn't require Administrator rights to listen on all interfaces, making it perfect to serve http content for test servers.
email4dev Http Listener
Http Listener to serve eml files as html. Issues, please post them here https://github.com/fdore/email4dev/issues
Lightweight utility to allow for using asynchronous REST API calls in a script
[.NET 4.6.1+] - [IObservable].AsAsync: execute all functions on TPL - [IObservable].AsAsyncAsync: execute all functions on TPL without waiting into the host observble - [IObservable].AsParallel: execute multiple subscriptions on PLlinq - [IObservable].Fork: add another subscription to the... More information
Semantic Logging Application Block - Out-of-process Service
The Semantic Logging Application Block provides a set of destinations (sinks) to persist application events published using a subclass of the EventSource class from the System.Diagnostics.Tracing namespace. Sinks include Azure table storage, SQL Server databases, file, console and rolling files with... More information