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  • Thrift
Version from this branch: https://github.com/aausch/thrift/tree/0.9.1 (this commit: https://github.com/aausch/thrift/commit/e25bfc73705c9ac8087d1fd3f6ef943791d5cfd3) nuget package v. now also including thrift compiler for windows (thrift-0.9.1.exe) nuget package v. now... More information
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  • Thrift Apache
Apache Thrift .NET Library. Only minimum required feature to support netstandard1.3.
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  • thrift
Attribute-based, IDL-less Apache Thrift client for .NET.
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  • thrift
Evolution Developer
Evolution allows companies to integrate applications on a global scale without complex infrastructure or software. It enables developers to rapidly and cost-effectively transition existing Windows desktop applications to a service or API-based model. Whether you are an independent software vendor... More information
Nuget package for Thrift Lib in C#
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Nuget package for Thrift lib C# - built locally