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Integround.Json is a free XML ↔ JSON converter library for .Net projects.
A fast, light weight and fluent JSON - Object converter. For more information, please visit: https://github.com/yanggujun/commonsfornet/wiki/Commons.Json
Windy.Json is super lightweight Json Dom library, which is powered by Dyanmic Object and Linq in C# 4.0.
NHibernate Json Column
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  • Latest version: 1.2.60
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NHibernate Json column is a custom column mapping that allows you to store complex models as Json in a sql column, with optional and configurable text compression.
MyNatsClient.Encodings.Json async and reactive NATS client
JSON Encoding for assisting with sending and consuming JSON messages using MyNatsClient which provides a simple, effective sync and async library for interacting with NATS Server using .NET and .NET Core. It uses IObservable so it is ReactiveX (RX) friendly.
Jayrock JSON
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Jayrock JSON is a versatile JSON parser, formatter and converter for Microsoft .NET Framework.
JSON configuration parser module (ATOM Toolbox)
A micro-module for parsing JSON configuration values from App.config and other .NET configuration files. Feel free to bundle this module with your core library (using any packer, like ILMerge, ILRepack, LibZ, etc.), use micro-assembly as it is, or just take the source code and use it in your... More information