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  • Prolog Interpreter
A .NET-base implementation of Prolog based on the Warren Abstract Machine (WAM) architecture.
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A CSharp class library to connect .NET languages with SWI-Prolog.
C#Prolog (CSProlog)
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  • Prolog interpreter
C#Prolog -- A Prolog interpreter written in C#. Can easily be integrated in C# programs. Characteristics: reliable and fairly fast interpreter, command line interface, builtin DCG, XML- and JSON-predicates, SQL-predicates, extendible.
Infers is a library for deriving F# values from their types and, in a way, a direct application of the Curry-Howard correspondence. The idea is to view the types of F# member functions as Horn clauses. Using a Prolog-style resolution engine it is then possible to attempt to prove goals given as... More information