• 17,462 total downloads
  • last updated 6/8/2017
  • Latest version: 1.3.0
A simple CSS and LESS parser to categorise strings of content and optionally generate a hierarchical representation of it
  • 14,067 total downloads
  • last updated 8/3/2017
  • Latest version: 1.9.0
  • C# VBScript
A way to translate VBScript into C# code that can be executed using the included RuntimeSupport library
  • 11,182 total downloads
  • last updated 6/20/2021
  • Latest version: 4.6.3
  • c# serializer
A binary serialiser for C# whose priorities are to making it easy to integrate into a project, to be flexible in terms of what object model may be used (POCOs, immutable types, etc..) and to support reliable serialising to and from different versions of entities (performance is not a top priority... More information
  • 4,525 total downloads
  • last updated 6/19/2017
  • Latest version: 2.2.2
A .NET CSS minifier that supports LESS style sheet processing