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  • Latest version: 1.0.1
A simple NuGet package that contains the following libraries: - Microsoft.SqlServer.Dac - Microsoft.Data.Tools.Schema.Sql - Microsoft.Data.Tools.Utilities These libraries provide the classes you can use in your code to perform operations on DACPAC and BACPAC packages. These packages can be... More information
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  • Latest version: 0.1.3
  • Azure Storage
Azure Storage is a wrapper around the Azure Storage API. It abstacts most of the functionality for interacting with blobs, containers, queues and Azure Files.
The RDLC Report runner is a very simple library that allows users to pass an rdlc report, a data file and reports parameters and then generate a report. Optionally the report can be exported to the local file system
PasswordUtility, as the name implies, is a lightweight password utility class that allows you to create random passwords based on certain criteria and validate password strength. The library is loosely based on the OSS KeePass code but was altered for my specific needs