Adds ILMerge to Visual Studio 2013/2017 or automated builds. This Task is intended to work right out of the box however an optional configuration file can be used to cover virtually all ILMerge properties including the list of assemblies to be merged and output directory.
Contains extension methods for different components of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM SDK. Also a set of wrappers and utilities created around the Organization Service Context, metadata and more.
A small JavaScript library including a jQuery plugin wich allows you to easily create dialogs, prompts and alerts using Twitter's Bootstrap framework. Powerfull, flexible and yet, easy to use. You ca go from a basic alert to adding a confirmation dialog to a form with a single line of code or... More information
A messaging library for publish-subscribe implementation on top of MSMQ. Supports transactional and non-transactional queues, dead letter queue and automatic retries with delay between failed attempts. Aims to provides a reliable yet very simple way to integrate applications running on the same... More information