NGravatar provides MVC HtmlHelper and UrlHelper extension methods for rendering Gravatar avatars from The project is licensed under the MIT open-source license and is hosted at Google Code. See for more information. Gravatar avatars... More information
NGravatar.Core provides methods for interacting with the Gravatar API on the .NET platform. This is the core library used by NGravatar for MVC extension methods. To get those methods, install the NGravatar package.
Ensues.Security provides a password algorithm that stores information about how the password was hashed in the encoded hash itself. No additional information is needed to compare a plain-text password to its computation. Storing this information in the same string as the password hash... More information
JavaScript and web resource manager for .NET MVC. You can use the ScriptKeeper to register a JavaScript file multiple times but keep that script referenced only once on the final page. It also accepts aliases for scripts defined in your Web.config file.
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  • last updated 4/7/2013
  • Latest version: 0.3.0
  • Reflection
NetNames provides static and extension methods for resolving class member names as strings.
Ensues.Reflection provides methods for resolving .NET member names to strings. So, the following code will put "MyProperty" into "propertyName". var propertyName = myObject.GetMemberName(mo => mo.MyProperty);