Provides build-time support for SQL Change Automation, including support for Octopus Deploy NuPkg file creation.
Tool used to generate .dll-Help.xml help files for binary PowerShell modules from XML Doc comments. Licensed under the terms of the new 3-clause BSD license.
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Provides a way to host a UI out of process and remote it in
Use SmartAssembly custom attributes to specifically exclude parts of your code from obfuscation, pruning, sealing and error reporting. Refer to documentation to learn more:
SmartAssembly MSBuild task allows you to protect your assembly automatically during build. Refer to documentation to learn more: Installed and activated version of SmartAssembly is required to run this... More information
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These are the interfaces that add ins to Red Gate SSMS add in manager must implement. See project documentation for more information:
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  • SmartAssembly SDK
Use SmartAssembly SDK to access its database, decode stack trace, and more. Refer to documentation to learn more: