• 87,956 total downloads
    • last updated 5/28/2023
    • Latest version: 9.1.0
    High performance, near zero overhead utilities for working with native memory.
    • 53,938 total downloads
    • last updated 9/7/2023
    • Latest version: 3.0.6
    An implementation of efficient, shared, concurrent and permanent storage of objects in unmanaged memory in static, non-changing locations that last the lifetime of a given process. Allows allocating memory... More information
    • 45,556 total downloads
    • last updated 2/26/2023
    • Latest version: 1.15.0
    Contains the definitions and attributes used in the Reloaded.Hooks library and their corresponding interfaces.
    • 42,336 total downloads
    • last updated 6/8/2023
    • Latest version: 1.0.15
    Minimal .NET wrapper around the simple, easy to use Flat Assembler written by Tomasz Grysztar. Supports both x64 and x86 development on Windows.
    • 37,890 total downloads
    • last updated 2/26/2023
    • Latest version: 4.3.0
    Advanced native function hooks for x86, x64. Welcome to the next level!
    • Deprecated
    • 22,879 total downloads
    • last updated 9/18/2018
    • Latest version: 2.1.0
    The main library for the development of Reloaded Mod Loader Modifications. Provides you with JIT X86/64 Assembly, Memory Buffers, X86/64 Function Calling, X86/64 Function Hooking, X86/64 Custom Function Hooking... More information
  • The packaging component of Sewer56.Update. Contains the necessary component for creating packages and releases.
  • Automatic Update framework for .NET Core based Applications with support for delta updates. This library holds the core logic for checking updates, downloading them and applying them. This framework is a hard... More information
  • A simple folder based API for generating Delta compression based patches based on the VCDiff algorithm.
    • 13,246 total downloads
    • last updated 9/1/2022
    • Latest version: 3.2.1
    The default "Reloaded" theme inspired by Reloaded Mod Loader.
    • 13,044 total downloads
    • last updated 8/15/2022
    • Latest version: 1.1.0
    • misc
    The miscellanous stuff used in Sewer56.Update. Separated out to avoid unnecessary dependency creep when only certain library workloads are needed.
    • 12,915 total downloads
    • last updated 4/9/2023
    • Latest version: 2.4.0
    Contains interfaces for Reloaded classes to be shared between the mod loader and other external components such as mods.
  • Personal fork with further speed optimisations of a fast, pure C# implementation of the VCDIFF algorithm.
    • 12,257 total downloads
    • last updated 8/8/2022
    • Latest version: 3.3.0
    Small WPF toolkit for building WPF Reloaded branded applications.
    • 11,973 total downloads
    • last updated 9/9/2021
    • Latest version: 1.9.0
    Contains the interfaces that expose Reloaded.Hooks as a Reloaded II (Reloaded Mod Loader II) shared library.
    • 11,852 total downloads
    • last updated 8/31/2022
    • Latest version: 1.3.1
    Small WPF toolkit for building WPF Reloaded branded applications. This library contains the code that powers ManualAnimations, user created animations independent of WPF ecosystem.
    • Deprecated
    • 11,005 total downloads
    • last updated 9/15/2018
    • Latest version: 2.0.0
    Contains classes used for packing and unpacking messages relayed by to and from Reloaded Mod Loader components such as Reloaded Assembler and Reloaded Mods. Feel free to reuse for your networking mods.
    • Deprecated
    • 9,916 total downloads
    • last updated 9/15/2018
    • Latest version: 2.0.0
    Provides you with access to Reloaded's parsers for the individual config formats used for storing game, mod, loader and theme information. Potential uses for modders would be allowing mods to determine other... More information
    • Deprecated
    • 9,310 total downloads
    • last updated 9/15/2018
    • Latest version: 2.0.0
    Exposes the namespace Reloaded.Paths containing classes providing you access with the install path of Reloaded-Mod-Loader and various common strings.
    • 9,111 total downloads
    • last updated 6/25/2022
    • Latest version: 1.2.5
    Advanced DLL Injector capable of injecting x86 DLLs to x86 process from x64 processes.