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Backload. A professional full...


Core component of Backload filehandler without bundeling feature.

Backload is a professional, full featured server side file handler for ASP.NET (MVC, Web API, ASP.NET WebForms). It handles the client side jQuery File Upload Plugin from blueimp, PlUpload from Moxiecode and Fine Uploader from Widen Enterprises out of the box, but it can be easily customized to work with any client side plugin. More than 20 examples in demo packages. Continually developed and backed by the software industry.

Demo package: https://github.com/blackcity/Backload/

Licenses: Standard (free), Pro/Enterprise licenses starting from $19.90.

Web: https://www.backload.org

To install Backload. A professional full featured ASP.NET file handler, run the following command in the Package Manager Console

Install-Package Backload.Core -Version 2.2.7

Release Notes

What's new in release 2.2.7?
  - Added bundled and minified client side script and style files and
  - Removed ASP.NET server side bundling (depreciated in ASP.NET Core)
  - Added server side event ConfigurationLoaded (First event in execution pipeline)
  - Removed Web.config component registration for all target platforms (obsolete in ASP.NEt Core 1.0 projects)
  - Image processing supports EXIF orientation tag
  - Added fastProcessing config setting in images element
  Bug fixes:
  - Image processing failed to create non canvas images (#107)
  - Fixed: Content type changes in config had no effect
  - Linux and Mac Os X: Path not created correctly (2.2.6).



Steffen Habermehl


Steffen Habermehl 2017



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Backload. A... 3,923 Monday, January 18, 2016