LinqToLdap 3.2.0


LINQ provider built on top of System.DirectoryServices.Protocols for querying and updating LDAP servers.

Install-Package LinqToLdap -Version 3.2.0
dotnet add package LinqToLdap --version 3.2.0

Release Notes

New Features
Underscores in property names that do not have an explicitly mapped attribute name will get converted to hyphens for the attribute name.

Support for .Net 3.5, 4.0, and 4.5.

Async methods are included in LinqToLdap.Contrib.dll

It's now possible to prefix a server name with LDAP://

Bug Fixes
Calling Dispose on DirectoryContext multiple times will no longer throw an exception.  There is also guarding against the .NET 4.5 bug in LdapConnection.Dispose being called multiple times.

It's now possible to use enums stored as strings in a filter.

Breaking Changes
Add and Update methods added that do not have a return value.  AddAndGet and UpdateAndGet added to fill that need.

RegisterListener renamed to RegisterListeners and now takes a params array.


This package has no dependencies.

Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
4.0.0 6,643 9/8/2015
4.0.0-beta 125 9/8/2015
3.3.2 3,879 11/25/2014
3.3.1 2,824 2/2/2014
3.3.0 1,424 11/10/2013
3.2.0 (current version) 1,030 8/14/2013
3.1.0 1,700 10/28/2012
3.0.1 563 7/10/2012
3.0.0 299 6/29/2012
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