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NFX UNISTACK framework - Core Package

NFX CORE Package

NFX UNISTACK includes:

Application Container + Dependency Injection facilities

Configuration engine

BigMemory: Local/Distributed piles/heaps, ability to store hundreds of millions of objects resident in memory for long times without killing GC

BigMemory Cache - store hudreds of millions of objects in RAM without GC pressure (full GC scan <20ms @ 300M+ objects 64 Gb taken)

Logging with 8+ destinations/sinks(text, email, flood filter etc.)

Distributed contact-oriented communication framework NFX.Glue (replaces WCF)

Security with users, credentials, roles, permissions

JSON parsing, ser/deser support

Ultra efficient Binary serialization support

Erlang CLR support with native types: tuples, lists, pattern matching

Text lexing/parsing and processing pipeline: C# lexer, JSON lexer/Parser

RelationalSchema language compiler - generate DDL for different targets

Templatization engine (for web, emails and not only textual content)

NFX.WAVE - Web Server with hybrid injectable threading model (replaces IIS + ASP.NET)

NFX.WAVE.Mvc - MVC framework for web pages

WV.js - a web component library auto-bindable to server MVC/MVVM

Database access layer with virtual commands/queries/transactions

ID generation - GlobalDistributed IDS (GDID), FID - fast process-wide ID

Virtual Social Network - Twitter/Facebook/Google+ et al

Virtual Payment Processing - Stripe,PayPal providers

Virtual File Systems - AmazonS3, SVN, Local

QR Code Creation

In progress: Virtual document model with rendering to PDF, HTML and other formats

In Progress: PDF DOM model + rendering

To install NFX UNISTACK framework - Core Package, run the following command in the Package Manager Console

Install-Package NFX

Release Notes

Starting from 3.5 we modularizes NFX and other sub-systems into sub-packages

Please see the https://github.com/aumcode/nfx for latest

Dmitriy Khmaladze, Oleg Ageev, Serge Aleynikov, Oleg Panagushin, Serge Polyanskikh, Vlad Lapchenko



ITAdapter Corp. Inc.


ITAdapter Corp. Inc.



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NFX UNISTACK... 3.1.0 506 Tuesday, January 17, 2017
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NFX UNISTACK... 2,257 Monday, September 26, 2016
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