Synergex.SynergyDE.synrnt 10.3.1020

Synergy/DE runtime package for MONO.

There is a newer version of this package available.
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Install-Package Synergex.SynergyDE.synrnt -Version 10.3.1020
dotnet add package Synergex.SynergyDE.synrnt --version 10.3.1020
<PackageReference Include="Synergex.SynergyDE.synrnt" Version="10.3.1020" />
For projects that support PackageReference, copy this XML node into the project file to reference the package.
paket add Synergex.SynergyDE.synrnt --version 10.3.1020
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Release Notes

-- We added support for Windows 10. XCALL ENVRN will return 28
(OS_WINDOWS10) when a program is running on Windows 10.

-- Android API level 17 (4.2 Jelly Bean) is now the minimum
supported level for Android devices. [tr#36091]

-- We added support for the INITPORT subroutine to Synergy .NET.
Note that this is not supported for portable class libraries or
Windows Universal Platform apps. [tr#35846]

-- We added an optional timeout parameter to the %SS_CONNECT
socket routine. This specifies the number of seconds to wait for a
connection before the routine returns with an SS_ETIMEDOUT error.
If the timeout parameter is not specified, the routine will wait
indefinitely for either a successful connection or another error
to occur. [tr#35931]

-- Long exception messages caught by TRY-CATCH are now displayed
in full, rather than being truncated (with the message
"*** Warning: Message replacement too long ***"). [tr#36045]

-- We improved the way the Synergex.SynergyDE.Synrnt NuGet
package is installed so that the CopyLocal setting is now set to
True in all cases. Previously, it was sometimes set to False,
which caused runtime errors. [tr#35855]  

-- We improved the way the winerrpost.log file is generated and
updated. Previously, if an error that was logged to the file was
encountered in a loop, the file could grow to an enormous size
unless the error terminated the process. Furthermore, the
information logged in the file wasn't sufficient to help diagnose
errors. These issues have been corrected. [tr#35882]

-- In versions 9.5.1 through 10.3.1a, a READS on a channel opened
in input mode would perform poorly if updates or deletes were
simultaneously occurring on another channel or by another
process. This has been corrected. [tr#35936]

-- We made several improvements to the CurrentRFA method for the
Select.AlphaEnumerator and Select.RestrictedAlphaEnumerator
classes. This method now returns the correct RFA from a remote
server with SCSPREFETCH, and it now returns the correct GRFA when
a From class record is smaller than the actual ISAM file record.
Additionally, if the "Stored GRFA" attribute of an ISAM file is
configured, CurrentRFA now uses this attribute, which reduces CRC
calculation overhead for each enumeration. [tr#35915]

-- We fixed an issue that caused segmentation faults when using
i8 variables in Select.Where expressions on some 64-bit platforms
and devices. This fix also corrects a condition that could have
caused segmentation faults on these platforms when passing i8
arguments with %RXSUBR. [tr#35884]

-- Previously, the compiler did not translate logicals for the
cert_file or CA_file arguments for %HTTP_GET, %HTTP_PUT,
%HTTP_POST, or %HTTP_DELETE. This has been corrected. [tr#35836]

-- In versions 10.1.1 to 10.3.1a, a Select with a Where
expression that specified multiple adjacent segments would fail
to return all records that matched the criteria if it used EQ or
EQS for the first segment and GE, GES, LE, or LES for the second
and third segments. This has been corrected. [tr#35874]

-- Select now optimizes Where expressions regardless of the way
comparisons are ordered. Previously, (Where)(0 < key) would not
be optimized, even though (Where)(key > 0) was optimized.
Additionally, the order of GE, GES, LE, and LES comparisons would
sometimes prevent optimization for segmented keys when multiple
adjacent segments were compared. These issues have been
corrected. [tr#35871, tr#35623]

-- We fixed an issue that could prevent a Select from returning
all matching records when there was a type mismatch between a
numeric field type specified in the Where condition and the
defined key type in the file. As a result of this fix, field/key
type mismatches can no longer be optimized unless the runtime can
determine from the search criteria that no negative values will
be returned. This may result in a noticeable decrease in
performance unless the type mismatch is corrected or the Where
expression is changed. For example, if key1 is a decimal field
and it matches an alpha key, the Where expression (key1 < val)
will not be optimized. However, if the Where expression is
changed to (key1 > 0 .and. Key1 < val), it will be optimized if
val is greater than 0. Correctly typing Key1 as decimal in the
file will also result in optimization. [tr#35651]

-- A READS, FIND(MATCH:Q_SEQ), or WRITES following a Select now
generates an INVOPER ("Invalid operation") error if sequential
context has not been reestablished with a READ, FIND, or WRITE
statement. (Sequential context is undefined until it is
reestablished). Previously, there were cases where this was not
occurring. THIS CORRECTION MAY BREAK YOUR CODE. A program that
previously ran without generating a runtime error will now cause
an INVOPER error if sequential context is not reestablished as
described. [tr#35907]


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Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
11.1.1010 137 11/8/2019
11.1.1000 191 10/1/2019
11.0.4001-beta1 47 8/30/2019
10.3.3072 685 3/1/2019
10.3.3071 148 2/13/2019
10.3.3060 291 9/22/2018
10.3.3050 446 3/9/2018
10.3.3040 283 10/23/2017
10.3.3030 450 5/9/2017
10.3.3021 428 3/7/2017
10.3.3020 575 12/9/2016
10.3.3010 577 7/19/2016
10.3.3000 495 5/23/2016
10.3.2001-beta17 363 3/23/2016
10.3.1021 607 12/1/2015
10.3.1020 734 8/12/2015
10.3.1011 531 5/7/2015
10.3.1002 593 4/6/2015
10.3.1001 582 3/4/2015
10.3.1001-beta19 456 3/4/2015
10.3.1000 576 11/21/2014
10.2.5001-beta2 412 10/6/2014
10.2.5001-beta1 430 9/19/2014
10.2.5000 465 9/19/2014
10.2.3091-beta6 416 9/12/2014
10.2.3091-beta5 419 9/11/2014
10.2.3091-beta4 374 9/11/2014
10.2.3091-beta2 421 8/21/2014
10.2.3091-beta1 434 8/21/2014
10.2.3090-beta1 344 8/14/2014
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