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  • aes gzip
Aes-Compress combines GZip compression with Aes encryption. The library has only a few methods.
A non-math based algorithm that uses Base 16 and ASCII codes to encrypt text and bytes. Unicode support and easy to use RSA and AES encryption support. Used in the upcoming PCP (Paranoid Communications Platform) technology.
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  • Latest version: 0.1.1
  • AES Encryption UWP
An abstraction of AES encryption to provide API surface compatibility between .NET Framework and UWP apps.
AES encryption for C#
Enables AES encryption of any object using string password or auto-generated 256-bit key. Use is very straightforward with one input and one output.
DotNetAES is an AES CBC & AES CBC HMAC SHA512 .NET wrapper which makes it easy to encrypt data, objects and files. For information and documentation on how to use the library please go to the GitHub repository. https://github.com/lilpug/dotnetaes