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This is a simple Huffman Compressor. It is not nearly as fast as it could be, and I'm sure there is room to improve it. I only use it for small (< 100 byte) strings that the normal .Net compression libraries don't handle well.
A compressor upon EasyCaching serializers using EasyCompressor. This library is very useful for compressing cache data especially for distributed cache (such as Redis) to improve performance by reducing memory usage and network traffic and subsequently. EasyCaching is the best caching... More information
This is simple drop-and-forget, configuration-less (optional) http module that will handle compression of javascript and css, both in files and embedded on html page.
A tool set class library that simplifies the .net development interface. A simplified tool interface class library based on .net platform, including function set, array, text, file, XML, shared Memory, md5 and compression. AES, 3DES and RSA encryption processing. Configuration file management... More information