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The deadlock detection library can be used to track down async/await related deadlocks in your code with minimal overhead and effort.
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  • last updated 5/8/2019
  • Latest version: 0.3.0
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Non-blocking, fast and lightweight async/await-able lock
A set of Task extensions to help make using async-await and Tasks easier and safer in Windows UWP apps.
REST framework Restful.Net makes it easier to make a pure restful service, without being bogged down by huge frameworks that can, but is not quite built to make restful services.
.NET Portable Class Library that provides awaitable synchronization primitives for use with code employing the Task abstraction for modeling asynchronous operations.
Enable using the new Value Tuple structure to write elegant code that allows async methods to be fired in parallel despite having different return types var (result1, result2) = await (GetStringAsync(), GetGuidAsync()); Based on the work of Joseph Musser https://github.com/jnm2