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Add google authentication to UWP application. Based on google example. OAuth 2.0 for Mobile Desktop Apps
Xwt is a cross-platform UI toolkit for creating desktop applications with .NET and Mono. This package contains the GTK toolkit backend for Xwt based applications targeting GTK2 on Windows. Xwt.Gtk requires gtk-sharp (https://github.com/mono/gtk-sharp/). The Windows installation package can be... More information
Video.js is a web video player built from the ground up for an HTML5 world. It supports HTML5 and Flash video, as well as YouTube and Vimeo. It supports video playback on desktops and mobile devices. This project was started mid 2010, and the player is now used on over 50,000 websites.
This is the Windows Forms platform for Eto.Forms UI Framework. Include this along with your Eto.Forms application to provide a Windows Forms interface for your windows users. You do not need to use any of the classes of this assembly (unless customizing the Windows Forms functionality of... More information
This package is deprecated and should not be used in new projects, please use Eto.Platform.Gtk instead. This is the GTK3 platform for Eto.Forms UI Framework. Include this along with your Eto.Forms application to provide a GTK3 interface, typically for Linux users. You do not need to use... More information
KinectExtensions: Point3D from Joint Model3DExtensions: make Model3D objects (cylinder, box) TCD.Kinect.Controls.SkeletonPainter3D: three-dimensional output of Skeletons and other objects.
ArcGIS Runtime SDK for .NET enables you to add powerful mapping and spatial capabilities to your Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) apps. Use a wide range of mapping and GIS tasks online and offline, including data visualization, editing, geocoding, and routing.
A component in C# that wraps use of web-based credential page, hosted in Internet Explorer(SHDocVw). Allows use of consistent web domain to share history of login information among web and desktop applications on the same machine. Acquired security token available to desktop application without it... More information