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Message Inspector for WCF to add Useragent header by configuration
.net 4, Can be compiled for different frameworks; See github project. After adding package check servicemodel in app/web.config Set your useragent and set add behaviorConfiguration to existing endpoints for WCF services which need a useragent <endpoint... More information
Comeback MSIE User Agent - IE11 or higher
After install this ASP.NET HTTP module, the web application (even if PHP) receive the modified user agent string that is legacy "MSIE 11.0" style when accessing from IE11 or higher. / この ASP.NET HTTP モジュールをインストールすると、IE11 ないしはそれ以降のバージョンからのアクセス時、その Web アプリ(PHPであっても)は旧来の "MSIE 11.0"... More information