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This client library enables client applications targeting .NET Core to connect to Azure Cosmos DB via the DocumentDB (SQL) API. Azure Cosmos DB is a globally distributed, multi-model database service. For more information, refer to http://azure.microsoft.com/services/cosmos-db/.
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  • Latest version: 6.0.0-develop.2229+sha.c71411a
  • MassTransit DocumentDb
MassTransit DocumentDb persistence support; MassTransit is a message-based distributed application framework for .NET http://masstransit-project.com
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  • Azure DocumentDB
Slazure is a ORM/ODM type data mapper for schema-free NoSQL databases. Slazure automatically maps data entities between your code and the database data model. This package enables Slazure to work with Microsoft Azure DocumentDB.
This library provides: 1) Automatic retry logic with overloads taking both synchronous and asynchronous delegates compatible with all DocumentDB client methods. 2) A "query interceptor" that A) both allows use of the aforementioned retry logic with Linq IQueryables against DocumentDB (this supports... More information