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The Konik ZUGFEeRD library for .NET allows creating, reading and validating ZUGFeRD compliant invoices. This library is not only able to create the ZUGFeRD invoice model but can also modify and convert PDF files allowing attaching the generated invoices into PDF and vice versa. Konik ZUGFeRD for... More information
Asprise OCR SDK API with Data Capture - Royalty Free, Reads Barcode
The #1 OCR Component - Asprise OCR (optical character recognition) and barcode recognition SDK offers a high performance API library for you to equip your C# VB.NET as well as C/C++/Delphi applications with functionality of extracting text and barcode information from scanned documents. You... More information
PayPal Invoice SDK for .NET
The PayPal Invoice SDK provides the following: CreateInvoice API Operation: Use the CreateInvoice API operation to create a new invoice. The call includes merchant, payer, and API caller information, in addition to invoice detail. The response to the call contains an invoice ID and... More information
Invoice Capture SDK for .NET
Invoice Capture is an online debt management system that helps companies get paid faster. InvoiceCaptureLib is a .NET library to communicate with it's public API.
An invoice generator. Accepts an XML file from a client that specifies the details about the job to be invoiced. Commercial version: XInvoices. Web and console interface. Available at fullcirclesolutions.com.au
Aloaha ZUGFeRD Toolkit
With the Aloaha ZUGFeRD SDK you can create and read ZUGFeRD XML Data. Furthermore you can embedd or extract ZUGFeRD XML Data from any PDF. PDFs are automatically converted to PDF/A. ZUGFeRD XML Files can be directly converted to ZUGFeRD compliant PDF/A files. Incl. PAdES Signature API More... More information
PayPal Integrator 2016 .NET Edition
PayPal integration components. Verify customer information, search transactions, make mass payments, issue refunds, process recurring payments, and more!