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dotMongo is a C#.NET open source project that (tries to) extend and simplify MongoDB database function calls for .NET developers. The project wraps around the MongoDB .NET Driver (v2.2.3) and handles; - Creating MongoDB client and connecting to the database by parsing an XML configuration Connection... More information
ASP5 configuration provider for MongoDB
MongoDb.Asp.ConfigurationProvider to load asp5 Configuration from MongoDb. Use the AddMongoDbConfiguration method to load configuration. for example builder.AddMongoDbConfiguration("mongodb://localhost","ConfigDatabase","SettingsCollection","SettingType", "SettingValue");
ASP.NET MVC 5 shipped with a new Identity system (in the Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.Core package) in order to support both local login and remote logins via OpenID/OAuth, but only ships with an Entity Framework provider (Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.EntityFramework). MyMojo.AspNet.Identity.MongoDb is a... More information
This easy to use library implements the repository pattern on top of Official MongoDB C# driver.
Mongo2Go is a managed wrapper around the latest MongoDB binaries. It targets .NET Standard 1.6. This Nuget package contains the executables of mongod, mongoimport and mongoexport v3.6.1 for Windows, Linux and macOS. Mongo2Go has two use cases: 1. Providing multiple, temporary and isolated MongoDB... More information