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Provides build-time support for SQL Change Automation, including support for Octopus Deploy NuPkg file creation.
.NET library for file synchronization based on Rsync algorithm. Optimized for speed and data size to achieve best network performance.
Installs the core MS Sync Framework redistributables (Synchronization-v2.1-x86-ENU.msi and Synchronization-v2.1-x64-ENU.msi) if they aren't allready installed, and then adds a reference for the 'Microsoft.Synchronization' assembly to your project. The msi distributables are obtained from here:... More information
Calculate a diff between any two lists and optionally merge them to aid in synchronizing data.
A dotnet global tool for downloading and updating loose files from arbitrary URLs. Built from https://github.com/devlooped/dotnet-file/tree/377ce0344