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Razor is a markup syntax for adding server-side logic to web pages. This package contains MSBuild support for Razor. This package was built from the source at: https://github.com/aspnet/Razor/tree/d1f2b5cfc499dfee114f1ac8dfe9b619ced76874
Provides a configurable and extendable localization service that can wrap around virtually any localization strategy. Package comes wired up for resx-based localization along with a set of HtmlHelper extensions providing contextual localization for string and even inline content markup.
Sharp Template engine. Simple runtime built template system
If it would be needed to generate files in runtime, these classes can be used in conjunction with the compilation utilities to compile the templates. The target is to have a system like the one used by ASP.NET to compile the Razor templates into class. If you need it you could use these class as... More information