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P/Invoke for Win32 API. All procedures in a class named NativeMethods, and all constants in a class named NativeConstants. For example, if you want invoke MessageBoxW function in Win32, you can write like this: NativeMethods.MessageBoxW(IntPtr.Zero, "Text", "Caption", 0); It... More information
"این کتابخانه جهت ارتباط تلگرام بوده میتوانید در پروژه های ویرژال و سی شارپ و ویرژال بیسیک استفاده کنید و برنامه نویسی بسیار ساده داشته باشید Telegram.dll for C#,VB,asp WebSite : https://hozory.com Telegram : https://telegram.me/PHP_ASP_Html"
[ LunaRoad ] Lua C API for .NET /DLR & Lambda features
Lua C API for .NET LunaRoad represents a flexible platform to work with Lua. _ _ _ _ _ _ using(var l = new Lua<ILua51>("Lua.dll")) { /* ILua51, ILua52, ILua53, ... */ } _ _ _ _ _ _ Source code and all details here:... More information
This is the tool used to copy/compress assemblies using LZMA. This tool is to create the embedded resources that DiminishDependencies bootstrap source needs to dynamically decompress and load at runtime.
Legacy Wrapper
LegacyWrapper uses a wrapper process to call dlls from a process of the opposing architecture (X86 or AMD64). Blog post explaining LegacyWrapper: https://codefoundry.de/programming/2015/09/28/legacy-wrapper-invoking-an-unmanaged-32bit-library-out-of-a-64bit-process.html Blog post explaining the... More information
An alternative option to ILMerge, this small set of public domain source code is packaged for you to bootstrap an exe to load embedded LZMA compressed dlls dependencies(or even your original exe if you want to compress it too) to end up with a single smaller merged exe.