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Xamarin.Forms plugin for iOS/Android to enable Shared Transition animations between two pages. A shared element transition determines how elements that are present in two pages transition between them. For example, an image that is displayed on both Page A and Page B, transitions from A to B when B... More information
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  • last updated 9/26/2020
  • Latest version: 0.1.3
  • blazor Element
Element的blazor版本,无JS,无TS,用 .NET 写前端的 UI 框架,非 Silverlight,非 WebForm,开箱即用
A stable, simple selenium framework for building DRY, well organized automated tests. Page Components are a continuation of hte page object model. They represent small, reusable blocks of application logic that can be pieced together into larger page objects. They essentially act as a middle... More information
基于Element的后台管理模板,无JS,无TS,非 Silverlight,非 WebForm,一个标签即可使用。该包为界面组件包
A few methods that can be usefull when building custom UI in Xamarin.Forms. Extension methods on Element. Where RootLayout() return the root layout of the page - which also can be specified to return the highest layout of type Layout<VIew> (Stacklyout, FlexLayout etc ) -in the hierarchy. And... More information