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Simple Statsd Client for .Net 4.5
The simple statsd client for .Net is a robust, easy-to-use way of feeding metrics into a statsd-compatible server. You can use it to log counts, timings and gauges. Features include: * Log counts, timings, gauges, sets and raw metrics * Has an additional API that uses dynamics to create... More information
Graphene Framework
A scaleable and easy to use BI framework writing in C#. Graphene can be used to track various Metrics similar to Graphite. The pre-aggregated data can be stored in SQL Server or MongoDB. https://github.com/bobanjose/Graphene/blob/master/README.md
Statsd perf logger for .NET. Includes a sql appender and an appender for using your logging framework (i.e. log4net). Helps debugging when you don't have a statsd server available.