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A fluent, portable URL builder. To make HTTP calls off the fluent chain, check out Flurl.Http.
A library for generating and parsing query strings using C#. Url encoding/decoding is automatically handled. Supports multiple values per name.
Building URLs is something one does all the time as an ASP.NET developer. The .NET Framework has generously provided many classes to help us simplify the problem, but after all my searching, the one thing I found missing from the framework was a way to easily work with QueryString parameters.
A small library for converting query strings to linq Expression trees.
Lightweight URL argument and parameter parser
Arg.js gives you quick and easy access to parameters in the URL.
A tasty little treat that turns your objects into query strings. (a.k.a. Objects baked into a URLs)
easyquerystring helps you establish a connection between your property names and query string names