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The Encrypted Token Pattern is a defence mechanism against Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF) attacks, and is an alternative to its sister-patterns; Synchroniser Token, and Double Submit Cookie. The ARMOR Web Framework provides a means to leverage this technique in repelling CSRF attacks against... More information
WebAPI Token Auth Bootstrap
Simple Token and Users Authentication and Authorization Bootstrap for WebAPI applications. Provided with 'TokenAuthApiController' which has built-in support for Login and Logout (cookies-based) and automatic token parsing and authenticating (inside query strings, form data or cookies). Visit the... More information
Library to manage tokens obtained via OpenID Connect (OIDC). This was created because integrating the build process with Bower and NPM was too painful. Use this only if you cannot somehow integrate Bower or NPM into your process.
Lifetime (improved CancellationToken)
A small library that implements an improved version of System.Threading.CancellationToken with support for removable registrations, to allow for garbage collection in the presence of long-lived tokens, plus some related utilities. Motivation: cancellation tokens can be the source of memory "leaks",... More information