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ASP.NET 5 logging framework provider that enables an application to send log messages to a syslog server.
The NLog Syslog Target is a custom target for NLog version 2.0 allowing you to send logging messages to a UNIX-style Syslog server.
Portable syslog
Portable syslog client. Platforms: * .NET Framework 4.5 * Windows Store * Windows Phone Silverlight 8 * Windows Phone 8.1 * Xamarin.Android * Xamarin.iOS * Xamarin.Mac * Portable Class Libraries Serializers: * RFC 3164 * RFC 5424 * Local (Linux/BSD/OSX) Transports: * UDP * TCP * Secure TCP... More information
SyslogNet.Client-dnx Class Library is based on dnx project and is a fork of SyslogNet.Client nuget. The additional feature is to pass X509Certificate when using encrypted TCP
IP*Works! 2016 .NET Edition
IP*Works! is a comprehensive framework of easy-to-use components for Internet development, including FTP, HTTP, SMTP, POP, IMAP, LDAP, DNS, SMS, SOAP, etc.