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SmallestMvvm for Xamarin Forms
Have a view bound to a view model in 40 seconds, if you are as quick as a gazelle, with the API at www.Xamtastic.com SmallestMvvm for Xamarin.Forms contains all of those artefacts that are necessary for the smallest implementation of MVVM and achieves ViewModel injection using page class... More information
MvvmCross - Xamarin Forms plugin
MvvmCross plugin to work with Xamarin Forms on iOS, Android, WinPhone SL, WinStore 8.1 & WinPhone 8.1 projects. Install this plugin on a blank MvvmCross project (each platform) without any customization so that you can click "Yes to all" on overriding alert message. If your project is not a blank... More information
Unplugged Viz
Unplugged Viz is a Xamarin.Forms component supporting GPU-Accelerated displays for map, seismic, well log or other scientific data in two or three dimensions. Spend your time developing features rather than low-level rendering code. Give your users the opportunity to access their data from the... More information