This is a clustering package of vector quantization, is the most popular analysis cluster in data mining for more details :
Optical Character Recognition (OCR) detects text in an image. Extracts characters into a usable character. First, subscribe on Microsoft Azure. Microsoft gives a 7-day trial Subscription Key . We can use that... More information
The Spell Check API returns a list of words it does not recognize along with suggested replacements. Typically, you would submit text to this API and then either make the suggested replacements in the text or show them to the user of your application so they can decide whether to make the... More information
Use this quick start guide to make your first call to the Bing Image Search API and search for a search result in the JSON response. This simple C # application sends an HTTP image search request to the API and displays the URL of the first image returned.
This nuget package allows you to detect anomaly into your apps, it helps you to minimize and identify problems , No machine-learning backrground required. This nuget Call an API a pre-trained AI model that ingests time-series data of alltypes and volumes. elects the best-fitting anomaly detection... More information