Create a Html String from Datatable. IN<datatable>: datatable Out<string>: Html table and Html body with table User can set: 1.Table Text alignment 2.Header color 3.Header text color 4.Table body color 5.Table body text color New Features will be coming with new version.
ZIP mulitple file and folders, into one ZIP file. Can have input file(s) and folder(s) from differnet-different location and this package will ZIP it all. New features will come with updated versions. For any clarification, please contact me at
This Pacakge consist of three activities: 1.Has Html Table: check weather mail body has table. Input: mailMessage Output: True/False 2. Get Single Table From Mail Body: input: mailMessage,TableNumber. Output: single DataTable. 3. Get Multiple Table From Mail Body: Input: mailMessage Output:... More information
this package is based on Levenshtein Distance Algorithm: eg. first string ="abc rs t" secind string ="acb ts t" levenshtein distance =3 similarity ratio = 0.625 it is useful to understand how much both input strings are similar.