• RichTextBox is a freeware RichTextEditor server control. It is not as full featured as CKEditor or TinyMCE, but it may be the worlds most advanced fully embedded rich text editor freeware control (no dangling javascript files). RichTextBox have the usual buttons, design and or html... More information
  • DataTable : OrderRecursive, GetSubHierarchy, GetParentPath <br />Control : FindControls, FindRecursive <br />IO : ClearFolder, GetFolderHierarchy <br />String : StripTags, Encrypt, Decrypt <br />Email : Send, ValidateAddress <br />Http : HttpPost, RequestResponse <br />DropDownList :... More information
  • Discussions is the worlds most easy forum control - just drag & drop Discussions from Visual Studio toolbox and you have a full fledged forum on your page with database, email notifications and facebook integration working out-of-the-box. Discussions features both the wellknown standard... More information
  • FlexCaptcha is a freeware Captcha control that most significantly support either writing captcha images to disk or directly to http stream bypassing disk writing all toghether. In addition the captcha can reload and have many custom settings.